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Women’s Wednesday: Relaxation techniques

Fast paced city life can easily rack up our stress levels. From tapping our i phones to updating our twitter, relaxation doesn’t seem high on our agendas, yet it is essential to our well being. August is ultimate holiday season, hopefully you have been lucky enough to escape this year, but even if you haven’t, here at Cashmere by Tania we know all the well kept secrets to de stressing your life. In today’s blog post we can reveal the top 10 techniques to you:

  1. Technology Cold Turkey: Turn off everything, phones and laptops especially, anything that starts with an i.
  2. Watch a movie: For best results watch in bed.
  3. Have a take away: Requires no cooking or washing up.
  4. Take a bubble bath: Empty a bottle of bubble bath into your bath and lie there for approximately one hour.
  5. Have a lie in: Sleep deprivation has strong links to stress levels. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason, sleeping in till at least midday is a great way to catch up.
  6. Have a massage: Book an appointment for a massage at a spa today.
  7. Practice meditation: Focus on nothing, take a few deep breathes and allow yourself to completely zone out.
  8. Purchase a pet: Pets are also linked to de-stressing. Spending quality time with a pooch can work wonders.
  9. Cut ties with toxic personalities: This can yield fantastic results to keep your life stress free. Simply ignore all calls and texts and they should get the point.
  10. Light some scented candles: Create a relaxing aroma in your home by striking a match and lighting a candle that is scented, ‘Dipytique’ candles are the best and can be purchased at Selfridges or Space NK.