Why Don’t You…?

If anyone knew how to have fun it was the iconic fashion editor Diana Vreeland, who was was always full of innventive ideas with her famous ‘Why Dont You?’ column during her time at Harpers Bazaar. If you havn’t already we highly reccomend you watch the uplifting documentry about her life The Eye Has to Travel. In this mood we have created our own list of ‘why dont you’s?’ to inspire you with extravagant, whimsical ideas to jazz up the weekend ahead:

Why Dont You pay a visit to Harrods pet kingdom over the weekend and treat your pet to a smart, encrusted collar?

Why dont you be like a fashion designer and hang your clothes on rails instead of in cupboards?

Why dont you drape your hallway chandelear with silk scarves?

Why dont you rinse your hair with a litre of evian water to give it a brilliant shine?

Why dont you give yourself a face lift and get your eyebrows done a la Cara Delvinge? (if you can pull it off).

Why dont you decorate your coffe table with the September issue of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Vanity Fair?

Why dont you do like Cleopatra and empty a couple of litres of milk into your bath for soft and glowing skin?

Why don’t you be fabulous and personalize your notebook and handbag by getting your name engraved on them?