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How to Keep Your Waterproof Tote Bag Sparkling Clean

Cleaning and taking care of your waterproof tote bag is critical. You are not just cutting down the chances of diseases spread but also prevent the bacteria from partying all over the place. These waterproof, eco-friendly bags are made of many materials, and you definitely have it for many usages as well. So when it comes to cleaning and maintaining these things, you’ll need a bit of work there.

It depends on how you used it to determine how often you should wash it. If you’re only using it for bringing school essentials, then it won’t need a weekly clean up. But once you’ve used it for carrying food, then it’s yuck to see it covered with dirt and germs that stack up from week to week. To save yourself from being poisoned by these bacteria, here is the ultimate guide for cleaning your waterproof tote bag.

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How To Clean Your Waterproof Tote Bag

Each clothing or fashion piece has its own requirements when it comes to cleaning and washing. Some might need hot water, strong detergent while others are better in cold water and milder mix. But since most waterproof bags are canvas, polyester, nylon, or PVC, we will show you the safest way to clean it.

1. Read the Tag

Just like any other clothing and fashion item, each tote bag will come with a tag/labels and washing instruction. Make sure to check that out and follow it to wash your bag in the right way.

2. Vacuum that bag

It sounds odd, but it can do the job way much better than you think. A decent handheld vacuum will help you to clear out all the small pieces of dirt, crumbs that stuck somewhere in the interior of your tote.

3. Spot cleaning

The first thing to do is cleaning with some stains spotted on your waterproof tote bag. If you’ve been around the beach or left your bags on the ground for a while, you should brush these specks of dirt off first for easier cleaning. Then you can use fabric cleaner (or just dab your detergent) on the stains and let that sit for a good 10-15 minutes. With tough stains, use a brush and clean that out.

4. Toss that thing in the washer

Most waterproof tote bags can be clean in a standard-setting of your home washing machine. If that’s not available, you can simply put some effort and hand-washing it. But if it’s fine with washers, toss them there. Don’t forget to use cold water, or else your bag will shrink and all wrinkles.

5. Air dry – Never using dryers

With the same reasons as to why you should clean it with cold water, you should always air dry your tote bag and never put it into the heat dryers.

6. Rock it with Characters

A worn-out piece will have much more character than a regular one. It will have its soul, will carry your stories, and even look way cooler. So keep going with it.

Why You Have To Wash Your Waterproof Tote Bag?

Even if your tote bag is waterproof, it doesn’t mean that it will never catch up in dirt and germs. In fact, not washing your tote bags will increase the chance of exposure to the risk of food poisoning. Only 1 in 6 Americans clean their tote bag regularly, and 50% of these tote bags have E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. These are all bacteria that leads to food poisoning. How gross is that? We think that’s just more than enough reasons to clean your waterproof tote bag.

How Often Should You Wash Your Waterproof Tote Bag?

You definitely should clean your bag, but how often should it be? There are a few factors you should consider before jumping into washing your bag. It depends on how often you use, what do you use it for, and where you store them.

If it’s a 100% grocery bag that you use almost weekly, wash it right away after every shopping session. Like we’ve said above, these reusable grocery bags are easy to be contaminated with germs and bacteria from raw meats, fruits, and vegetables. So cleaning them regularly is a must.

Even if you just use it to carry your daily items or use on the trip, it’s better to clean them before you’re going out or every month. The longer you leave them out, the bigger their bacteria party is.

How To Check Colorfastness

Some prints of some typical fabric will have their color faded after a wash. So before getting to use it, you might need to check if they will colorfast or not. You can try that out by soaking a small, hard to see part of the tote in clean water and leave it for a few minutes. Then dry them out. Check if you notice any discoloration. However, with most waterproof tote bags, you won’t have to worry about this issue.

Maintenance Tips For Waterproof Bag

Now we have gone through the cleaning process, and it’s time for maintaining that look and fit. Tote bag is a very durable and versatile item, but with some useful maintenance tricks, you can use them in better ways, and they can last much longer.

Divide your groceries. It’s fine to come to the supermarket and come home with a full bag of groceries, but it’s best to source them. Greens and fruits should be in a separate bag with meat, dairy, and canned products. This will keep your cleaning work much easier and also keep your foods from cross-contamination.
Next is to stay away from the trunks. The heat from your car trunks will give bacteria a perfect environment to feast on and bred. And when you get home, you’re saying hi to an entire community of germs.

And last but not least, after you’ve used and cleaned it, for any purposes, don’t leave it lying on the floor. It’s easy for them to catch up with bacteria from the floor on themselves. The best way to store your waterproof bag is to hang them up every time you’re home.