Summer Hair Care Routine

Summer, heat and sun. This can only mean one thing… Frizzy, unruly hair. Thankfully, at Cashmere by Tania we have just the explanation to get you through those tangled days. These simple solutions can be quickly injected into your daily routine without another thought. Try these Cashmere by Tania approved products and you’ll be wondering how you have been living without these before.

John Frieda Repairing Oil Elixir

Prevention before cure. Healthier hair means less breakage and less frizz. Done and done!

Tangle Teezer

If this isn’t in your hand bag, buy it now. It’s light weight, is gentle of your hair, and does exactly what it says.

Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

Use on wet hair, use on dry hair. Just use it! Not to mention is smells heavenly.

With these products up your sleeve, the locks will be managable and tame. Leaving you with less stress and mnore time to get on with your day.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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