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Choosing what not to wear on a day in London

Do you have the same problem with living in a place like London where one day is sunny and the next is raining. Or simply being able to have all four seasons in a day? It really plays a toll on us when choosing what to wear every morning. We ask ourselves – ‘What should I wear today? ‘It might be cold’, ‘But it might get warmer later’, ‘Oh I don’t want to take a jacket’. So what do you end up doing in situations like these?

I noticed that often 80% of the time I’m wearing the wrong clothes – it is either I’m wearing too much or I’m wearing too little as it’s just so hard to judge what the weather will be like by looking out of the window every morning. So heres a few things we should do in order to prep ourselves for the day and stay healthy, safe, cool or warm!

1. Check the weather forecast – I used to think the weather forecast was never accurate, to some degree it isn’t. It’s hard to predict things that are due to happen in the future but I think more or less it does predict the weather for the next day rather acccurately. Last night I checked and it said it was going to rain today and surely it is a gloomy day.

2. Bring an umbrella – Living in places where things can be hard to predict makes you avoid the unexpected and prepare for the unknown. Always bring an umbrella – whether its to sheild yourself from the rain or to block the sun, there is always some use in it.

3. Wear a soft weight cashmere cardigan – Cashmere cardigans like Our Indi is perfect for weathers like these. It keeps you warm when it gets chilly and yet cool when it gets hot. Choose a soft cashmere mix and not a heavy weight one otherwise when it does get quite hot you’re stuck with having to carry extra luggage.

4. Bring a scarf – scarves are not only good for keeping you warm when it gets cold but they make a great fashion accessory too. Just to let you in on some AW13 news we will be getting a batch of high quality cashmere scarves – so stay tuned to that, all of which will be available online very soon!

5. Wear a dress – dresses like our Sparrow are great – easy to wear and one less thing to worry about as it covers you from top to bottom. If you feel chilly bring a pair of stockings or tights in your handbag then that way you’re ensured to be preped for a days out.

These are just some little tips we think every women should do to avoid anything to go wrong during the day. All are little things that makes the day so much easier – with the saying every little helps.

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